6 Hilarious Halloween Fails!

Haunted Houses, Trick-or-Treating, Pranks! All GONE WRONG!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

It's that time of the year and we're excited about Halloween, our favorite holiday, only weeks away! And what is the only thing we love more than Halloween? Halloween mischief gone wrong. That's right. Nothing we love more than the complete failure of wannabe spooks and spookettes. 

So, we're inviting you to share in our schadenfreundish mockery of Halloween gone bad by watching some of the funniest videos we've found on the internet. 

Take a look:


1. Monster Face Mask Face Plant

That TV has supposed to be being watched by teenagers when it accidently drowned in a lake. Now it's come back for revenge. 


2. Be Careful Who You Scare

Best part about this is, even if the guy held a grudge, the other guy is twice his size. 


3. Haunted House Fail

Even the kids knew you sucked at your job. How about trying to scare little kids a little more professionally? 


4. Another Haunted House Fail

I don't think she was expecting a jet to turn on its engines two feet away from her face. 


5. Halloween Prank Backfire

Yeah, what a shock this kid is afraid of a home invasion and possible rape. What a sucker. 


6. Another Prank Gone Wrong

We're glad they were abel to use the library from Ghostbusters as a set.