NYCC Day 4: Smaller Press News

Dark Horse and Dynamite and more still have news for us on the last day of New York Comic-Con.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Dark Horse Comics

Here's a roundup of tidbits from the final day of New York Comic Con as it relates to smaller press publishers like Dark Horse and Dynamite and the non-corporate megoliths, to be updated as the day goes on.


From CBR:

– Tim Seeley describes his Dark Horse book "Ex Sanguine" as a detective story meets a vampire romance "where the vampire's not a total wuss."

– The next arc of Christopher Golden's "Baltimore" will focus on Haggis, the man who ruined Baltimore's life and killed his family.

– "Hellboy In Hell" is the story Mike Mignola's been working towards for ten years, and that's where he'll be for the forseeable future.

– Tom Mandrake is working with actor Lance Henriksen on a comic adaptation of a story Henriksen wrote 20 years ago. The book is co-written with Joseph Maddrey and is called "To Hell You Ride." It's described as mashing together a Native American folk tale with some really sinister science.

– Artist Richard Corbin is working on a one-shot adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Conqueror Worm."

– Eric Powell will be doing a series called "Billy The Kid's Old Timey Oddities and the Orm of Loch Ness." It's described as Young Guns 2 with more monsters and less Bon Jovi.

– Garth Ennis is going to write and direct a series of webisodes based on his "Crossed" series, and follow that up with a feature film.

– Dynamite will be publishing a Rick Remender sci-fi series called "Devolution," pulp/grindhouse sci-fi along the lines of his "Fear Agent." Paul Renaud will be handling the art on a book that showcases the whole world as a hostile, deadly force.

– Joe Harris explained his "Wars In Toyland" series for Oni Press about a boy named Matthew brought to a world full of toys he shared with his brother Alex, only it's not a magical fun place. Instead, the toys are locked in a brutal civil war, and they think Matthew will lead them in the fight against the evil Roxbury, a ragged, rotting teddy bear.


From Bleeding Cool:

– Aspen Comics will be doing a 10 for 10 special on their 10th anniversary – five new books, five returning books, each for one dollar a piece. David Wohl is doing a "Legend of the Shadow Clan" book and Frank Mastromauro will be doing a new volume of "Shrugged." They're letting the fans choose the tenth book, be it "Awaken Skies" or "Overtaken," the latter of which is described as "Supernatural" Meets "Alien."

– Matt Sturges will be writing a sea-based spinoff of "Damsels" for Dynamite.

– Fred Van Lente is doing a zombie book for Dynamite that mocks the genre while being a part of it. He describes it as "World War Z with jokes and a grindhouse sensibility."

– Brian Buccellato is writing "Black Bat" for Dynamite, another classic pulp character, and he stresses that the character of Tony Quinn was a contemporary of Batman and not a rip-off.

– Two completed and yet unpublished Quantum and Woody comics from Christopher Priest and DW Bright that will be available digitally on ComiXology.

– While Matt Hawkins' "Think Tank" draws a lot from what goes on in real think tanks that his friends are a part of, he insists he's not actually revealing classified information. He's also working on a new Image book called "Control" which is about eugenics and a biochemist in Georgetown.


From Newsarama:

– "Saga" artist Fiona Staples says she was never offered an ongoing series before this one, and writer Brian K. Vaughan says Image has given him the happiest time of his professional life.

– Issue #7 boasts what Vaughan calls "the worst thing anyone has ever drawn."

– Vaughan says that each new planet brings about a shift in genre for "Saga," inspired by Sandman.

– Vaughan says he has an ending in mind for Saga, but he isn't sure how long he wants it to run – beyond saying he wants it to run for one issue longer than "The Walking Dead." He wants it to be the longest run of his career.