NYCC Day 4: DC News

What does DC have to show us on the last day of New York Comic-Con? Let's see!

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker


Here's the gathering of intel on DC Comics news on this, the fourth and final day of New York Comic-Con, to be updated throughout the day.


From CBR:

– Apparently, there's some concern that Kyle Higgins is going to kill off Dick Grayson, as he joked that Nightwing doesn't have to be Dick.

– Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated will not be a part of "Death of the Family," but he says "we do have family, and there will be death!"

– Scott Snyder says there will be more of the Red Hood gang after the Joker story, and his next arc will focus on the Riddler.

– David S. Goyer and Geoff Johns, who were co-writers together back on JSA, are apparently going to be working on some 13-issue comics event project.


From Newsarama:

– Johns assures us that the characters in Justice League of America will be asking the same questions fans are asking. Catwoman will be wondering "why the hell am I on this team?" and everyone will be wondering who the hell Vibe is.

– Johns says Stargirl is the only one in JLA excited to be there. Hawkman will just show up, beat someone up and vanish.

– Francis Manapul says Gorilla Grodd hates the Flash because he wants the Flash's power, thinking he should've been the one struck by lightning instead..


From Bleeding Cool:

– In the DC Cosmic series Threshold, the lead story is apparently about a Captain K-Rot (or Captain Carrot?) chasing the guy who cut off his leg. Or maybe that was a joke.