6 Awesome ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Spoofs!

Join us in celebrating season eight!   

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe


We here at CRAVE love It's Always Sunny, and with good reason. With what originally started as "Seinfeld on Crack" has given way to opening up an entire demeted universe filled with great characters, hilarious preformances, and examination of taboo subjects from problems in N. Korea to transexual love-triangles. 

And the Gang is back for season eight which is airing on FX all this month. So, to celebrate that, we at CRAVE have found you some of the funniest It's Always Sunny mash-ups, parodies, spoofs, and more!

Take a look:


1. "It's Always Sunny In-Ception"

Your bar is the scene of the crime. 


2. "Danny DeVito's Contract is Up"

Giving Danny DeVito a BJ is like giving half a BJ to a normal sized man. 


3. "It's Always Sunny in Equestria" 

Rape innuendo and Ponies are magic. 


4. "It's Always Sunny: Charlie's Butt Dance"

He may be illiterate, but that ass ain't illiterate! 


5. "It's Always Sunny Mailbag"

It's inspiring to see an actor immersed in their craft. 


6. "Lethal Weapon 5"

We would pay fifty bucks a ticket for this.