NYCC Day 3: DC News

Saturday night's all right for fighting supervillains. New York's got DC Comics news.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Justice League

Here's what's cookin' with DC Comics news on Saturday at New York Comic-Con 2012, to be updated as the day goes on.


From CBR:

– Justice League #16 starts a three part crossover with Aquaman in a battle for the throne of Atlantis that will redefine Aquaman and Cyborg's place on the team. Paul Pelletier will be joining Aquaman as the new artist.

– Geoff Johns says the new Justice League of America title will make Martian Mahunter the most dangerous hero in the DCU, referring to him as a "one-man Illuminati." Also, the Injustice Gang will likely show up in issue 1.

– Orion of the New Gods will be joining the cast of Wonder Woman.

– Johns noted that Booster Gold may be coming back very soon.

– Francis Manapul responded to pleas for the return of Wally West by saying they have Daniel West in their book and he'll play a big role.

– Johns describes Stargirl from the new JLA book as "the anti-Paris Hilton, the anti-Amanda Bynes." She operates out of Hollywood and everybody looks up to her.

– DC Nation programming has been abruptly pulled from Cartoon Network's lineup, but will return in January.

– Earth 2 #5 will see the return of Steppenwolf and the last Amazon of Earth 2.

– Jeff Lemire says that a Green Lantern that will be appearing in the "Rotworld" event with Animal Man will be a GL we haven't seen yet in the New 52. Any chance it's connected to Earth 2's Alan Scott, who seems to be "of the green?" Not sure.  Lemire also says that Frankenstein will join Justice League Dark and Andrew Benett of I, Vampire will return.

– Apparently, Jonah Hex will be shunted to the future of 2050 to team up with Adam Strange, in a callback to some crazy adventures of Hex's past.

– Christy Marx says she's going for a Game of Thrones feel with her Amethyst story in Sword of Sorcery.