NYCC Day 3: Marvel News

It's Saturday! What a day! Spending all week with nerds! What's Marvel got cookin' at NYCC?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Secret Avengers #1

Here's the roundup of Marvel Comics-related  news from Saturday at New York Comic Con 2012 – continually updated as the day goes on.


From Entertainment Weekly:

– The new team behind the Marvel NOW Secret Avengers will be Nick Spencer and Luke Ross and, as evidenced by the cover, it will still include Black Widow and Hawkeye, but it will also bring on Mockingbird, a new Iron Patriot and even the Taskmaster and somehow the Hulk, as well as SHIELD agents Maria Hill, Nick Fury Jr. and what we'd assume to be the new Agent Coulson, the last two both introduced during Battle Scars earlier in the year. However, apparently utilizing the memory-chip tech that Brian Bendis used in Secret War, nobody on the team will actually know they're on the team. A secret word activates them, then wipes their memory afterwards. That's some cold shit, there. For those worried about the new Nick Fury being rushed into being the head of SHIELD – this new guy is still a field agent. Spencer indicates that this is essentially just going to be a SHIELD book rather than an Avengers offshoot.


From Newsarama:

– Joss Whedon's new SHIELD TV series will apparently star Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson. The words "Life Model Decoy" were used in a vague way, and Gregg himself even invoked The Vision.

– HULK: AGENTS OF SMASH voice cast includes Seth Green as Rick Jones/A-Bomb, Eliza Dushku as She-Hulk and Clancy Brown as Red Hulk. CLANCY BROWN. YES. Paul Dini is involved!

– AVENGERS ASSEMBLE animated show will focus on the movie cast, plus Falcon. Man of Action will be producing it, as well as ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN coming back for a second season.

– Marvel: War of Heroes is a new video game where you build a team of heroes that will be free on mobile platforms next week – 300 characters at launch and more to come, described as a collectible card game in digital form.

– Avengers Alliance, the damn Facebook game I'm addicted to, will be busting out new characters like Ghost Rider, Daimon Hellstrom, Dr. Voodoo, Cable, Union Jack, Captain Britain, Black Knight, Psylocke, Red Hulk, Moon Knight, Vision and X-23, as well as new outfits for Rogue, Magik, Thor and a Grey Hulk. Bear in mind they still haven't released characters promised in San Diego, like Beast and Valkyrie. But still. Dr. Voodoo!

– Avengers Initiative, the iOS game, will have Captain America soon, and will cross over via Marvel XP with Avengers Alliance, rewards and such. If you beat Hulkbuster in AI, you'll get the Iron Man Mark V armor in AA for free.

– The Deadpool video game will include Domino, her first ever appearance in a video game.

– Marvel Heroes, the MMO, will have Nova and Luke Cage. They claim that it will scratch the itch for an Ultimate Alliance sequel.

– Marvel NOW books will have some seriously weird AR content, that somehow includes Diamond Dallas Page in Indesctructible Hulk. There are also hopes that AR in the letters page can actually go to video content submitted by fans.


From CBR:

– Jonathan Hickman's Avengers will focus on the folks you know from the movie (plus Wolverine and Spider-Man, but with a scale Hollywood couldn't pay for. Eventually, the roster will include 24 people. He's also writing New Avengers about the Illuminati guys who rule the world in secret, and the two books will crash into each other somewhere down the line. Hickman's plotted 3-4 years ahead already. That's how he rolls.

– Kelly Sue DeConnick's Avengers Assemble will be "shot glass Avengers," doing shorter character-based stories.

– Some characters from the old Initiative books during Civil War will show up in Avengers Arena. Arcade will mean business as the mastermind behind it all.

– Rick Remender says Uncanny Avengers will focus a lot on human-mutant relations, with Red Skull seeing to wipe out mutants and Apocalypse seeking to wipe out humans (which means I guess we know how his Uncanny X-Force arc is going to end… poor Evan).  Also, Kang will be involved.

– Why does the Hulk have armor? Mark Waid will reveal that in issue 3 or so, but they hinted that it has more to do with him trying to "manage his condition" rather than cure himself of being the Hulk.

– Dark Avengers will continue even with the new Thunderbolts relaunch. Cool! Jeff Parker isn't bounced to the curb, then! Maybe THAT'S why it changed titles…

– Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven will officially do a Guardians of the Galaxy book in prep for the upcoming film. It apparently may involve Iron Man in some fashion – or somebody wearing Iron Man-looking armor. McNiven is redesigning the Guardians, so Star-Lord will have a different helmet that he won't always wear.

– Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness will be doing a new Nova series, and it's Sam Alexander, the new Nova from the Ultimate Spider-Man show.  Loeb wants to integrate cosmic Marvel with the rest of the Marvel universe and not have it seem so separated.

– Amadeus Cho will be in a book, and we won't know it until it comes out.

The Punisher: Nightmare by Scott Gimple and Mark Texeira will feature Frank Castle coming across a guy with an origin similar to his that may be friend or foe.