The Best Bond Skyfall Spoofs

Double O Parody.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

 Bond is back and so is the youtube parody machine. A royal brigade of Skyfall spoofs have made their way to the internet and we’ve gathered them together with a giant … spy .. net thingy. Q did it.

Most of these play off the officially released Teaser trailer in which our Hero takes on a Bourne-esque quality at the hands of a psychologist taking him through some word association. Here’s the actual trailer

And on to the parodies!



Nice shot Jimme!

Now I want to listen to that Nice Shot song…



A different kind of Bind Intro.



We don’t all have awesome green screen abilities, good cameras, or anything that makes for awesome production quality… however there is a little bit of something worth watching here.



Finally Steve Green wets himself in this green screened intrusion.


And the most WTF video of the search comes up with this…. Seriously, WTF?!


The Sky is falling mr Bond.