NYCC Day 2: Smaller Press News

Dynamite, Dark Horse and the rest of the folks that give you fresh alternatives to standard superhero fare.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Bionic Man vs. Bionic Woman

New York, New York, Comic-Con, Comic-Con. The Big Two hog all the attention, but they ain't the only folks in the comic book game. What alternative news can we send your way about what's coming up in the world of independent books? Well, let's find out. Keep in mind that the show is still going on, so this will be updated as the day wears on.


From Bleeding Cool:

– Dynamite will be busting out Bionic Man vs. Bionic Woman, written by Keith Champagne. Really? Keith Champagne? That's the pseudonym you're going with? Okay, fine. Now I'm going to be Butch Cristal.

– Matt Wagner will be writing The Shadow: Year One for Dynamite as well, apparently covering ground that's never been covered before in the long history of Lamont Cranston/Kent Allard.


From CBR:

– Valiant Comics will publish Harbinger #0, which will focus on the origins of Toyo Harada, the guy who runs the telepath school that our protagonist Peter is currently very angry with. It will be one of two Harbinger issues shipping in February.

– Fiona Staples has said that Saga #7 contains the "worst possible page" for her to draw, and that she'll have to hide that page from her mother when she reads it.


From Newsarama:

– Valiant's Shadowman #1 was given out to some folks to read during their panel, and will explore some facets of the Valiant Universe never seen before.

Archer & Armstrong's second arc will introduce Geomancer and Armstrong's brother the Eternal Warrior.

Bloodshot #5 is a "hyper-compressed issue." Writer Duane Swierczynski says if Bloodshot doesn't die three times an issue, they haven't done their job. The Bloodshot: Harbinger Hunter story is discussed as well, saying that's something the assassin used to be dedicated to doing.

– Toyo Harada's powers in Harbinger will manifest in a refugee camp outside of Hiroshima.

Archer & Armstrong is described as "the Monty Python" of the Valiant universe.

Quantum & Woody will be on ComiXology at the end of the month, and they teased they may be working on that internally for the new revamp.

– Cullen Bunn will spin off Sons of the Gun from The Sixth Gun for Oni Press, teaming up with The Secret Life of D.B. Cooper creator Brian Churilla.

– Joe Harris and Adam Polina will do a twisted take on Babes In Toyland, calling it Wars In Toyland – about a revolt against a dictator and his toy soldiers.