NYCC Day 2: DC News

Big Apple, big comics. What's the news that's fit to print from New York Comic-Con for DC?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Justice League

DC is one of the Big Two, and New York Comic-Con could be considered one of the Big 2 as well, as far as genre conventions go. So it's natural that DC would have some stuff to tell us today, the first BIG day of the party. So what do we know so far? Let's find out.

Keep in mind the con is ongoing, so this will be updated periodically as the day wears on.


From CBR:

– A bunch of new art from their Superbooks, including Rose Wilson mackin' on Superboy and a look with the smooth black Superman costume reminiscent of his 'Death of Superman' look. Guess we'll finally get some clarification on whether that happened or not.

– Jeff Lemire will be doing more sci-fi stuff for Vertigo, with a thriller called Trillium.  Also a weird love story that stretches across time, from the beginnings of human exploration to the year 3787.

– Apparently, the Green Lantern: New Guardians annual will introduce "the worst Green Lantern of all." That's traditionally been G'nort.

– Simon Baz is going to get help from Guy Gardner in the use of his ring, but there will be much bad mojo for Guy – apparently including getting arrested.

– While the Third Army will hit the Red Lanterns hard, Dex-Starr the cat is going to be going to Earth to hunt and kill Midnighter.

– Atrocitus will lead an army of blood-magic fueled Manhunters against the Guardians and their Third Army. Weird, since Manhunters are the reason Atrocitus is all angry. 

– It seems Mogo is on his way back, as revealed in this week's Green Lantern Corps.

– Any return of Jade and Obsidian – apparently they've come up in conversation, and anything is possible in Earth 2.

– Bill Sienkewicz is taking over for the late Joe Kubert on Before Watchmen: Nite Owl.

– Amanda Conner says her pace on Silk Spectre has slowed after she hit a wall working so hard on the first three issues, and that it's a research-heavy book. But she enjoyed going back to the 60s, reliving teenage years and talking to her aunts to mine them for ideas about young women of the age.

– While they were sure to stress that they are not "breaking news" and that there are no plans at present, Brian Azzarello seemed to think that an ongoing series in the Watchmen universe was where DC was heading with all this, and that he didn't expect to be involved.


From Bleeding Cool:

American Vampire scribe Scott Snyder and Punk Rock Jesus' Sean Murphy will be doing The Wake for Vertigo.  A sci-fi horror book that takes place in the depths of the ocean.


From Newsarama:

– Bill Willingham of Fables says that some of the characters from Mike Carey's Unwritten will find their way into Fables.

Ghosts, a new Vertigo anthology series about ghost stories featuring work from Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire, will also have the late, great Joe Kubert's last story, which he wrote and penciled himself, although it was not finished. His sons, Andy and Adam, wanted them to print it as is, so they shall.

– Keith Giffen will have a new DC cosmic ongoing series called Threshold, which will spin out of Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #1. The lead story, called "The Hunted" will incorporate space characters like the Omega Men, Blue Beetle, Star Hawkins, Space Ranger, the original Starfire (not using the name, natch) and a new Green Lantern called Jediah Caul. The backup feature will focus on telling the history of Larfleeze. This falls in line with what Giffen helped do at Marvel, revitalizing their cosmic characters with Annihilation. Caul is an GL deep undercover who apparently makes Guy Gardner look like a nice guy. Giffen will also be completely rethinking Lady Styx, so if you remember her as taht insect thing from 52, forget her. Also, the legendary Space Cabbie is taking a cue from Taxi Driver.

– Giffen is also taking over He-Man and the Masters of the Universe from James Robinson.