NYCC Day 2: Marvel News

It's the first big day of panels at New York Comic-Con! What does the House of Ideas have to tell us?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

All-New X-Men

It's Friday of New York Comic-Con 2012, and that means the first big day of newsy panels. So let's swirl around the net and see what tidbits have been revealed, shall we? Keep in mind the con is still ongoing, so this page will be updated throughout the day as we find reports.


From CBR:


– Brian Bendis' All-New X-Men, about the original 5 X-Men coming forward in time to the present day, will be out twice a month for the first six issues, with David Marquez rotating with Stuart Immonen on the art duties.

– Rick Remender is planning to integrate some of the Apocalypse mythos he established in Uncanny X-Force with Uncanny Avengers. Wuh-oh.

– Dennis Hopeless on Cable and X-Force: "We're taking all the cool badass stories that happened in the '90s and wrapped it up in one big last score." Hmm. Apparently, they're on the run from the Uncanny Avengers, and Cable wants to pull one more thing off before he retires. Huh.

– Sam Humphries on the new Uncanny X-Force is described as "David Lynch directing a James Bond movie."

– Simon Spurrier on his X-Men: Legacy, focusing on Professor Xavier's son Legion, says it's the "black sheep" of the X-Men family, weirder and weirder.

– Frank Cho's Wolverine is described as fun, pulpy adventure that will change something fundamental about the Marvel Universe.

– The new Deadpool series from Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn features DP fighting zombie presidents. "Listen, you can't have the Avengers fight a guy in a wheelchair," said Duggan. "He's not the hero you want, he's the scumbag you need."

– Peter David's gearing up for the "Hell on Earth War" in X-Factor when he reaches his 100th consecutive issue, by the end of which he says everybody else in the Marvel U will be gunning for his team.

– When Marvel was criticized for constant renumbering, David suggested doing away with numbering altogether, and just using the month and year to mark each issue. I don't know how I feel about that. It would be harder to know when you've gotten them all.

– Hope Summers will be one of the major characters in Cable & X-Force, so's ya know.

– Jason Aaron says that Avengers Arena #1 by Dennis Hopeless does "more for Arcade in 20 pages than anyone's done in 20 years."



– Aaron also says that his version of Thor will strip down his supporting cast, and show us Thor at various points in his life – Young Thor, Present Thor, Future King Thor.

– Rick Remender's Captain America will focus on the story of the 98-pound weaking Steve Rogers once was and how he earned the right to be Captain America, and also will be elevating Arnim Zola to A-list villain status.

– Mark Waid says his take on Banner was much like Mark Ruffalo's interpretation, although his pitch happened before the film came out.  He says Banner doesn't want his epitaph to read "Hulk Smash," so he's going to try to repair his reputation, and he will even partner with SHIELD. To ease their reservations, he'll say "don't think of the Hulk as a bomb. Think of him as a cannon."

– EIC Axel Alonso says he encouraged bold new plans and that each team do a "hostile takeover" of the run that came before it, citing Waid's Daredevil as an example. It's hard not to think that he was also referring to Waid's Hulk needing to stomp on he neck of Jason Aaron's run and shoot it in the head.

– Matt Fraction's Fantastic Four will take the core team away for a year of their lives, but only about four minutes of Marvel U time, and that won't work out well.  Also, Jonathan Hickman's Future Foundation concepts will remain, but the FF will now be about Reed's recruited replacements – Ant-Man Scott Lang, Medusa, She-Hulk and Miss Thing – for that four minute trip. This seems weird.

– The new Thunderbolts, led by Thunderbolt Ross, featuring Punisher, Deadpool, Elektra, Venom. Alonso stressed that they were well aware that Frank Castle would never join a team, but they address that in the first issue.

– The Bendis 'Ultron War' story teased in last year's Point One should be out before the end of 2013.

– Waid says the intelligence level of the Hulk has been a point of contention around the office – it won't be "Cookie Monster Hulk" but he won't be super-eloquent, either. Again, citing the popular Avengers movie take in saying he won't say much, but he'll be quick with his fists.

– Asked about female-led series, there are apparently two in the works that aren't yet announceable, and possibly a third on the way. They also cite the new Uncanny X-Force as "Psylocke's book" and Brian Wood doing his own X-Men thing with all women save Colossus.-

– Waid won't be doing any Planet Hulk related stuff, but he will be playing with incarnations of the Hulk – saying you don't always know what Hulk will be coming out of the box, and it will depend on what triggers the rage.

– The cover art shown would seem to indicate there will be a "Red Leader" in Thunderbolts, and no, that's not a Star Wars reference. A red guy who looks like the Leader. Also, the variant for Hulk #3 seems to show us the gray Hulk. But it's a variant and those are often weird.


From Bleeding Cool:

– Apparently, David's "Hell on Earth War" is something he teased back during his Incredible Hulk run, even, and that it ties in with the birth of the seven billionth human on Earth.

– October 14, Sunday, is officially Spider-Man Day in New York City, and they're going to attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records for most contributions to a greeting card for Spider-Man's 50th anniversary.