Leaked: Batman’s Twitter!

What's the Dark Knight been up to lately? We have his twitter. Take a look...

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

A lot of Bothans died so we could get our hands on Batman's Twitter account. Normally, The Dark Knight is very picky about who he lets follow him. But, we here at CRAVE ONLINE have tracked down the The World's Greatest Detective and… you know what? He's kinda no different than any other celebirty douche with a Twitter account.

Whether he's partying in Gotham's hottest nightclub with the Joker or knockin' boots with Catwoman, Twitter offers a bizarre window into Batman's life.

Take a look at what The Bat has had to say lately: 


Batman@DarkNite69: What's the difference between Two Face and a pizza? I don’t like my pizza in prison. #Imfunny #Bahzing.


Batman@DarkNite69: Just got into the Gotham airport! This place blows. Remind me to take the Bat Wing next time #gothamsucks #karatepenis.


Batman@DarkNite69: Just caught @Robin shaving his legs. What a douche! #myroomateisgay.


Batman@DarkNite69: RT@Wonderwoman: “JLA meeting tonight!” I’m way too drunk to go to this thing! #justiceforall #mycarhasrocketlauncers. 


Batman@DarkNite69: @Spybar with @Joker. Shots! Shots! Shots!


Batman@DarkNite69: Woke up with Alfred over me watching me sleep again… #butlergripes #mustbemonday.


Batman@DarkNite69: RT@mikestanz: “Who are you?” I’m part of the 1%, bitch.#dealwithit #MittRomney.


Batman@DarkNite69: Prototype new batmobile in the shop. Soooo many flat-screens. Need an iPod jack. #whitepeopleproblems.


Batman@DarkNite69: Reoccurring dream again. When is it ever going to stop? #myparentsweremurdered #Erectileprobs #operablows.


Batman@DarkNite69: To all the nay-sayers: I didn’t “kill” Ra’s Al Ghul. I just didn't save him. #unintentionalhomicide.


Batman@DarkNite69: Haters gotta hate. Playas gotta play. #ijustslammedcatwoman.


Batman@DarkNite69: Hey @Riddler, I got one for you- what has a billion dollars, pointy ears, and a just sent you to Arkham? This guy!!! #totalbadass.


Batman@DarkNite69: So stoned watching Back to the Future w/ @greenlantern. #GLgotGREEN #fritosrule.


Batman@DarkNite69: totally just stopped the robbery of a woman w/ huge cans. #boobiefiend #goodtimesgotham #hugenips.


Batman@DarkNite69: Follow @vikkivale for all the best Gotham news. I heard she slept with Mario Lopez.


Batman@DarkNite69: Couples brews and wings at Buffalo Wild Wings! #Imgonnapoopsobadtomorrow.


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