The Idiot Box – Episode 79: Hijacked!

Next Gen News invades The Idiot Box, kicking off a week long CraveOnline podcast mashup!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

We hope you weren’t expecting the sexy voices of Blair Marnell and Sax Carr, your regular hosts of The Idiot Box. Instead, this week’s show has been hijacked by the Next Gen News gaming podcast crew of Erik Norris, Joey Davidson and Mike White.

That’s right, saddle up and listen to a bunch of gaming nerds ramble on about television with a knowledge database of the medium that could snuggly fit into a small filing cabinet. Don’t fool yourself, you’re beyond excited.

On this week’s episode of The Idiot Box, Erik, Joey and Mike quickly recap the recent poll put up on asking readers which current shows they would like to see transition to Netflix. Using that as a springboard, the conversation then steers towards which older, already-cancelled shows would the group like to see revived on a service like Netflix. Things like Firefly, Terriers, Defying Gravity and more are discussed.

Finally, to wrap up the show, Erik, Joey and Mike detail their favorite shows of all time, and then explain which shows currently airing are their favorites. Overall, this is one jam-packed episode full of cursing, tangents and discussions about how Caprica was essentially “Ally McBeal in Space.”

Meanwhile, Blair and Sax will reappear on another CraveOnline podcast later on this week…


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