Google’s 7 April Fools Videos For 2012

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Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Google is a gigantic, super-powerful corporation, and we don’t often think of those as having a sense of humor. However, year after year, Google “launches” hilarious April Fools Day products. This year, we get YouTube on DVD, Google’s NASCAR takeover, Google Maps for the Nintendo Entertainment System and more!


Google Chrome Multitask

Mo’ mice, mo’ problems.


The YouTube Collection

If this is successful, I bet they’ll make a Laserdisc version.


NASCAR’s Google Racing

Next step: adding a Battlebots element with spikes, ramps and such.


Jargon-Bot for Google Apps

The project’s development codename was “Dilbert Comic.”


Google Fiber Bar

Mmm… fiberlicious…


Gmail Tap

-. . .- – / … – ..- ..-. ..-. –..– / –. — — –. .-.. .


8-Bit Google Maps For NES

Okay, this is actually a great idea.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!