Report: Next PlayStation is Called ‘Orbis,’ Launching Late 2013

A new report potentially reveals the name, specs and a lack of backward compatibility in Sony's next console.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


An interesting report cropped up on Kotaku this morning discussing Sony's next iteration of the PlayStation. According to the website's anonymous source close to the development of the console, the next PlayStation is being code named "Orbis" and will release during the 2013 holiday season. 

That name might sound like gibberish by itself, but in Latin it means ring, circle, or even orbit. Things get interesting when you combine the name Orbis with the name of Sony's latest handheld, the Vita. In Latin, "Orbis Vita" means "the circle of life." Kotaku is speculating that Sony's next PlayStation console and the PS Vita will be heavily interconnected, which makes complete sense. 

Furthermore, and this is crappy news, Sony's next console will not be backwards compatible with PlayStation 3 games, nor will it play used software, much like the rumors circulating Microsoft's next home console. Gamers will be able to purchase all new games either as a Blu-ray or digital download over the PlayStation Network. However, people who buy retail copies will have to register the product to a single PSN account, effectively tethering the game to that specific account. You'll then be able to play the game off the disc or install it to the system's hard drive to play without the disc. Dealer's choice.

Gamers interested in used copies of games will have a frustrating experience, however. According to Kotaku's source, players who buy used will only get a "trial" version of the software they just threw down money for. If they want the full game they're going to have to shell out more money to unlock it. This system appeases publishers because they don't have to fuss around with Online Passes anymore, as well as places like GameStop, who can continue to sell used games. The only ones hurt here, severely I might add, are consumers. 

Lastly, this early report is claiming Sony's next console will be able to run games at resolutions upwards of 4096×2160, which far exceeds anything a current HDTV can handle at the moment. The system will also be able to display 3D titles at 1080p (the PS3 can only handle 720p for 3D).

That's all for now. It should also be said that this report isn't a confirmation. Even if all this information is accurate, a lot of it could change between now and the system's supposed late-2013 launch. If any new details surface, however, we'll be back to report on it.