Releases for Xbox 360 Today

You can now stream every out-of-market regular season game through your console... for a price.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


With the MLB regular season fast approaching, Microsoft has found themselves a new teammate in their dugout. Today, Microsoft announced is now available for Xbox Live, an app that was previously exclusive to the PlayStation 3 crowd. 

For those who don't know what is, it's an application that lets you watch every out-of-market regular season game streaming through your Xbox 360. You'll also be able to catch recaps and highlights of every game. Furthermore, The app on 360 features full Kinect integration, so you can use hand gestures and voice control to pick the matchups you want to watch. 

Additionally, on Xbox 360 lets you watch two games simultaneously in split-screen mode. Watch one game while catching the recap/highlights of another, or just use both displays to watch highlight reels. You can also control both screens independently. It's, like, totally the future!

The only snag is that you need to be a Xbox Live Gold and Premium subscriber to take advantage of the app. It's not cheap. A Gold membership for Live is $60/year, while a Premium subscription is $124.99/year. Only the most diehard MLB fans need apply. But if you fall into that camp, then the addition of this app to the Xbox 360 stable should be welcomed news.