Quiz: Would You Survive the Hunger Games?

Take the quiz and find out if you could survive the fight to the finish!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Did you see The Hunger Games in the theatres this weekend? Of course you did. Who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of kids who aren’t old enough to vote slice-n-dice the crap out of one another?

But do you think you have what it takes to survive the Hunger Games? Why not? Sure, you’re no Jennifer Lawrence, but you’re no loser either. Lucky for you, we here at CRAVE have developed a little quiz to help you find out how well you’d fair in the fight to the death.

Take the quiz and may the odds be ever in your favor:


1. A close sibling is selected to partake in the Hunger Games, you:

a.) Volunteer in their place.

b.) Wish them luck.

c.) Laugh in their face.

d.) Why haven’t we eaten her already?


2.) Your weapon of choice is…

a.) A bow and arrow.

b.) A sharp knife.

c.) A spear.

d.) Menstrual cramps and low blood sugar.


3. A fellow participant in the Hunger Games finds you attractive, you…

a.) Play hot and cold for 200 pages.

b.) Jump into bed. Screw it, who knows how long we’re going to be alive?

c.) “Eww… Boys are gross.”

d.) Act like you’re into them and then gut them like a fish at end.


4. When you’re first dropped off in the arena, your main goal is to…

a.) Find food.

b.) Find shelter.

c.) Kill as many as you can.

d.) Weep on the ground like a child and hope the others will have sympathy for you.


5. Who is your biggest competition in the arena?

a.) The contestant that has a crush on you

b.) The Careers that have all the advantages.

c.) The climbing ninja girl.

d.) Finding a way not to take a dump on live television.


6. What are you hoping will be airdropped to you in the arena?

a.) Medicine.

b.) Food.

c.) Fresh clothing

d.) An AK-47.


7. Your only ally in the Hunger Games gets a spear through the chest, you…

a.) Avenge their death with fury.

b.) Gather flowers and place them on their body.

c.) Scream and pout.

d.) Use them like a dead Tauntaun in Empire Strikes Back.


8. You’ve just been stung by killer bees with a hallucinogenic sting. What do you do?

a.) Find a way to get the poison out.

b.) Look for curative plant leaves.

c.) Find water to clean your wounds.

d.) Crank up the Hendrix and trip balls on the way to your death.


9. Some says, “You’ve just won the Hunger Games, what are you going to do next?”

a.) “Were's my boyfriend of the last 18 hours?”

b.) “I’m just happy to be home.”

c.)  “I'm going to Disneyland!.”

d.) “Did you see me shoot that 12-year-old kid in the throat? I know! That was badass!”


If you answered mostly (a), the odds are in your favor.

If you answered mostly (b), you’ve got a good shot, but you’ll need work.

If you answered mostly (c), you’re probably a goner.

If you answered mostly (d), you’re not an idiot who takes these books way too seriously!