Funny Pages – It’s a Mad Mad Men’s World

Mad Men Returns and the video world is draped with Draper!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

I gotta tell you I’m pretty excited to have Mad Men return, even though I don’t have cable and I’ll have to find some “other way” of seeing it… like Netflix or, does Hulu have it? What, what’d you think I was talking about? Anyway, here’s what’s being talked about on the front pages of the front pages of the video masters!


Dorkly – Mega Man Dies at the End: Battle Boys (link)

Let’s get the day started right, with one of my favorite 8-bit series: ‘Mega Man Dies at the end!’

I instantly regret watching that. Not Really, that was pretty good and F those battle toads.


Dailymotion  – 10 Facts About Mad Men Cast You Don't Know (link)

And some crazy facts about your favorite Madison Avenue 1%’ers. Occupy Mad Men now!


Break  – The Happiest Taxi Driver You'll Ever See (link)

And now let’s take a break from all the madness to the world’s happiest Taxi Cabby. Or is it Taxi Cabber? Call Dave for the party cab! You know who he am.


College Humor – Alternate Mad Men Intros (link)


This video is like somebody walked inside my mind and created something I’ve been dreaming of for months.


UCB Comedy – Kony Responds (link)

Speaking of Mad Men, probably the world’s most notorious Mad Men today… Kony speaks out.

Sadly, this video was about as funny as the original invisible children video.


Funny Or Die – Revenge Of The Pie (link)

Mad Men isn’t the only thing um.. coming back. The American Pie folks are back, and in a video that could be called ‘alternative ending to the Apple Pie Scene’


That’s all that’s returning today, aside from my lunch (thanks Taco Bell), and that’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get Mad!

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Here’s some bonus fun: