10 Gaming Franchises We’d Kill For on PS Vita

We'd risk going to jail if it meant having these franchises make the jump to Sony's latest portable.

Erik Norris & Joey Davidsonby Erik Norris & Joey Davidson


We at Crave love our PlayStation Vitas. It’s actually shocking how much we play them, whether it’s while traveling or sitting on our couches at home. Between the gorgeous OLED screen, the comfortable dual analog sticks and everything in between, the PS Vita is a damn fine system with a ton of potential. And that potential has got us thinking: what other gaming franchises would we like to see on Sony’s latest portable?

Honestly, there are a ton of series that would make for great PS Vita titles. But we’ve slimmed down our list to our top 10 “must-haves.” Here they are for your reading pleasure.

Grand Theft Auto


We’ve loved every portable rendition of the Grand Theft Auto series that’s seen the light of day so far. In fact, the GTA titles that released for the PSP, despite that thing’s damn numb of a joystick, were ones that we played constantly.

It’s because of that fact, coupled with the controls and graphical potential of the PS Vita, that we’d love to see the Grand Theft Auto franchise have representation on Sony’s new portable. This, hopefully, is a no-brainer for Rockstar. They’ve shown dedication to portables in recent years, and the PS Vita should prove a more than capable device for their potential ambitions.

NHL series


A lot like the other sports titles in this list, seeing an NHL title on the PS Vita would be a dream come true. Most hockey games in this series last around 15 minutes; that’s perfect for gaming on the go.

Take it a step further and add the PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita crossplay functionality that MLB 12: The Show sports, and this thing will be a must-have beast for all hockey fans. Imagine managing your team on the go. Or, even better, hopping into EA Sports Hockey League games while passing out in your bed.

Ratchet & Clank


Maybe this one is too obvious? Ratchet & Clank is one of Sony’s best franchises. In fact, for a chunk of the Crave gaming staff, the R&C line is what brought us over to the Sony side of the fence so many years ago. The humor, the gameplay and the style are all incredible.

We’d love a brand-new entry in the franchise, of course, but we’d even like to see a port of the HD collection that’s launching for the PlayStation 3 later this year. Yeah, we know, that probably won’t happen; but, we’d love to play classic Ratchet & Clank on the go.

Sly Cooper


One of the main reasons we’d love to see Sly Cooper on the Vita is because the game’s graphical stylings would look phenomenal on the Vita’s screen. The colorful characters would pop of the screen thanks to the franchise’s cel-shaded visuals.

In addition, the Sly Cooper games are just fun experiences with a ton of collectibles to keep you coming back for more (Trophies rock on the Vita, mind you!). Sucker Punch’s anthropomorphic franchise would be a nice fit for the portable gaming scene, there’s no doubt about it.

NBA 2K series


Having played a ton of MLB 12: The Show on the Vita it’s clear that sports titles, when done right, are great on Sony’s latest portable console. The system has the horse power to impress visually while also making sure the smaller, portable version of said franchise doesn’t feel like an insignificant bastard child.

With that in mind, seeing 2K Sports’ NBA franchise on the go would be a dream. Being able to take your franchise and your NBA Legend on the go would be incredible. And if 2K Sports can squeeze the NBA Greatest mode on there, too, then our lives would be complete because we’d have Larry Bird in our back pocket at all times.




Here’s another entry from Sucker Punch (no, we’re not in their pocket). While the Sly Cooper series defined Sucker Punch for the PS2 era, InFamous stands as the company’s crowning achievement on the PlayStation 3. Now we want that crown jewel on the go.

The Vita clearly can handle the visual prowess of the franchise, while third-person action-adventure games have already been proven to work well by Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The only question mark that remains is where exactly this Vita version of InFamous will fit in the series’ timeline. Because if you’ve finished InFamous 2 then you know there’s not a lot of wiggle room…

Anything from thatgamecompany


Maybe we’re still drunk on love for Journey, but thatgamecompany’s work seems almost perfect for the PS Vita. If there’s any studio capable of making the most out of the input methods present on this brand-new portable device, it’s this one.

Plus, thatgamecompany’s shown that they like to create titles that can be explored completely in one sitting. We like that idea, and we’d love to take an emotional ride like Journey in one go while on a plane or train to some destination. That two-three hour experience would be great for our free time and the battery life of a portable.

God of War


This one is obvious isn’t it? The God of War titles on the PSP were incredible. So incredible in fact that they were eventually ported over to the PlayStation 3 with upgraded visuals. Just imagine how good a Vita God of War title could look…

Better yet, imagine how good a God of War title could feel on the Vita thanks to the system’s fantastic dual analog sticks. The God of War experience could be perfectly translated to the PS Vita without compromise, and that has us rising six to midnight for sure.



Once again, the bite-sized levels in the Portal universe make it perfect for on-the-go gaming. Add in some user-created content that’s collected and launched on a monthly basis, bring more of that glorious cooperative play and keep the humor we know and love.

And, what about this? Augmented reality levels. How would they do it? We have no effing idea. But, consider tossing portals up in snapshots of your room or city streets. Yep, we’re sold.

Twisted Metal


While playing the latest PS3 reboot of Twisted Metal it dawned on us: this game would make for a great PS Vita title. The game is built on the foundation of pick-up-and-play, which is perfect for the Vita crowd. The gameplay itself is easy to grasp, yet hard to master. And lastly, multiplayer is a blast. That’s a perfect storm for a Vita title.

If Sony wants to bring more of their first-party franchises to their latest handheld, Twisted Metal seems like a no-brainer. And honestly, we’d absolutely love to see that dream become a reality.