Heavy Metal Video Game Themes!

8-bit graphics fueled by the power of Satan!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Nothing makes jumping on koopa-troopas better than a double-bass drum and thrashing guitar licks. The original tunes were catchy synth-pop wonders and awesomely creative, but haven't you ever wondered what these classic game scores would be like on fire and covered in Jack Daniels? It's okay… you can say yes. Never fear! We here at CRAVE have found some of the coolest heavy metal covers of popular video game themes. 

Take a look:


1. Mario Bros. Death From Above!

"It'sa me! Death Slayer!"



"Test your Might! With the power of ROCK!"


3. Megaman meets Mettalica!

"Dr. Wiley, Master of Puppets"


4. Zelda says "Kill 'em All!"

LInk the Skull-Crusher!


5. Castlevania DESTRUCTION!

Simon's Quest: two shows at the Forum


6. Tetris: From Russia with Blood!

The original commie rock!


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