Will ‘The River’ Find Sanctuary At Netflix?

Preliminary talks to save the show have already begun, although "The River" hasn't been cancelled yet...

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

When the first season of "The River" came to a close, Lincoln Cole (Joe Anderson), Dr. Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood) and the rest The Magus crew found themselves trapped in the Amazon as the Boiuna cut off their escape. But given the relatively soft ratings on ABC, "The River" may need some assistance if it has any hope for a second season.

Deadline is reporting that ABC Studios has started early talks with Netflix about possibly bringing "The River" season 2 to the streaming service. According to the story, the negotiations are exploratory at best and there is no guarantee that "The River" will be spared the network axe if this deal doesn't happen.

Despite the disappointing broadcast ratings, "The River" has been a strong performer on DVR ratings, with a 36% percent jump in viewers when Live+7 numbers are counted. One of the few shows with a higher Live+7 jump was "Terra Nova," which is also said to be exploring a possible future on Netflix.

While this may be encouraging to fans of both shows, the reality is that it is highly unlikely that both series would be picked up. Both "The River" and "Terra Nova" feature costly location shoots which may preclude their survival unless drastic budget cuts are made. In which case, don't be surprised if parts of the Amazon or the prehistoric past suddenly find settings that look remarkably like the outskirts of Vancouver.

The primary question is this: Will Netflix really be able to fund one big budget TV series, much less two? And if so, which series deserves a second year more: "The River" or "Terra Nova"? Let us know which show should survive in the comment section below!