WonderCon: ‘Fringe’ Panel Report

The "Fringe" cast and executive producers express optimism about the future of the series and share their favorite “Walterisms.”

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

On Sunday afternoon at WonderCon, "Fringe" executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman held court alongside castmembers Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Blair Brown, and Seth Gabel. But first, they played the opening minutes of next Friday's new episode, "A Short Story About Love" which was written by Wyman and Graham Roland. The episode also marks Wyman's directorial debut for the series.

Spoiler Warning for "A Short Story About Love"!!!

The clip opened with Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) meeting with the real Nina Sharp (Blair Brown), as Olivia relates the mystery of her dueling memories and reconnects to her surrogate mother. But Olivia also inadvertently reveals some disturbing memory loss that alarms both of them.

We then meet a seriously deformed man who ambushes a woman inside her apartment. She is alarmed at first, but once the scarred man doses her with a pheromone scent, the woman appears to be unexpectedly affectionate with him. But the man kills her anyway and he collects a sample from her dead body.

Spoiler Warning over!

Aside from mentioning that they have one more episode to film in the fourth season, the cast was largely silent about spoilers. Jackson's "I can't answer that" practically became a running gag of the panel. However, Gabel did mention that the two Lincoln Lees would soon have a discussion about where and how their histories differed. The panel also noted that the mystery of who shot September will play out over the remaining eight episodes.

According to Assignment X, Pinkner expressed optimism that "Fringe" could still be renewed for another season; which has been rumored to be about 13 episodes if it happens.

“I think we’re 70/30 that the show is coming back,” said Pinkner. “We’re inside of it and we’re very hopeful, but those odds may be skewered by our own aspirations.”

Wyman was a little less willing to commit to that sentiment. “I’ve been in the business for so long, you never know,” noted Wyman. “Something can always change at the last minute, so that’s what’s so precarious.”

Before the panel, the crowd was treated to a video of the "Fringe" team's favorite “Walterisms” from the show's first four seasons, courtesy of John Noble's unforgettable portrayal of Dr. Walter Bishop.



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