We Review John Mulaney’s Album “New In Town”

One of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Read this and then buy it.

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

The Sax Carr apartment is full  of comedy DVDs and CDs to review. I get way more of them than I could ever get too. I get way more then anyone ever should. To be honest, I drag my feet on getting to them anyway, especially with comedians I’ve never heard of before. Why? Because bad comedy hurts me.  I also refuse to write about bad comedy. So every CD may be hours of my life I won’t get back, for a review I won’t even be able to use. It’s like a very low stakes Russian roulette, but it still ends in tragedy. The record labels that produce these albums are less than fans of my “no bad comedy” policy, mostly because my reviews tend to come out long after the album hits stores, and as you know, people only buy comedy albums in the first week they come out…. EVER.

One of the few times this policy has really bitten me was with the amazing album I am reviewing in this very article.. John Mulaney’s “New In Town” is so good that every hour I didn’t review it is an hour wasted in YOUR life. I was so amazed by this album that I spent a weekend listening to a ton of my other review albums, and you can expect a landslide of reviews (good and bad) here on Crave.  You can blame a Mr. John Mulaney.


John here accepting the blame for review storm 2012. 


So here’s the review:

This sophomore effort by Mulaney contains some of the most mature comedy I have ever had the pleasure to hear. While I think that’s a fantastic way to describe this fully formed and perfectly delivered comedy, it’s also ironic as a central tenant of Mulaney’s comedy is his being a giant kid. There are a lot of facets to the humor here, from scathing observations, to a strange brand of “near-impressions” that always seem to be in John’s voice yet somehow paint an accurate picture of the character he’s driving at. We hear  Mulaney’s take on old gay men, pushy hobos, and more than a few old-timey announcery characters (seemingly a specialty of Mulaney)..

Mulaney also writes for Saturday Night Live, and co-created my favorite current SNL character “Stefon,” which has prompted me not only to love Mulaney more, but also compile a list of Stefon’s best sketches for CraveOnline. (Coming soon) Damn that Mulaney, always making me work. You can hear the sketch writer’s style in a few of his longer jokes, which build pretty consistent scenes in a short time. Mulaney has a strange attention to detail, and it makes each series of jokes even better.


The smallest possible picture of John on SNL. 

So much of comedy is in the comdian’s choices, from each word choice to smashing concepts together and picking a flow for a complete set, or album. Mulaney excels here, with an over-aching narrative that is really a long personal story, or “getting to know you” experience, yet seems to veer into increasingly complex commentary on everything from religion to city life.

The high-points on the album inlude a track about driving entitled “Trying His Best”  and the titular track “New In Town.” Listen closely  throughout the album for a series of great jokes that all take the format of “You know, like a (blank)”. So funny!

Here is a link to buy the album on Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/New-Town-John-Mulaney/dp/B006HH60HC

Here’s a cool clip from a joke off  the album, although it’s not my favorite joke, it’s pretty good:

Speaking of favorite jokes, some of Mulaney’s are now some of my favorites for ALL time. Well played,  John. You giant child.


– Sax