Historectomy 28 This, Is, XERXES!

"Are you telling me you DIDN'T melt the statue of their pagan god? What am I paying you for!?"

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller


We've all seen the Bronze Behemoth in the film "300", but do you know how hard it is to rule most of the known world!? Christian and Sam journey into the heated meeting rooms, intense battles with Greece, and Game of Thrones style intrigue that encompased the life of this awesome Pokemon…I mean conqueror. This is Xerxes The Great! Boom!



Also in this episode: Christian and Sam’s Anglo-Saxon blood gets in the way of Persian pronunciations, Xerxes was the Vince McMahon of the ancient world, 36 is pretty old for a king, how concubine choices reveal your personality, Xerxes is the 1%, the biggest game of Wack-A-Mole ever, why you don’t want to be an intern in Xerxes court, George W. Bush’s true identity, commuting across miles long rope bridges, the actual measure of a f*** ton, we say “Artabanus” a lot, Xerxes was an awesome Pokemon, and Christian calls Sam “a smarmy prick” for making a wrestling reference after he himself spoke for two minutes about Game of Thrones lineage history! Wow, what an episode!