Thursday’s NCAA Tourney Games To Watch

A quick list of the must-see tournament games

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

These are the games I am totally hyped-up on seeing. Be ready for some tight basketball games.

(13) Montana vs. (4) Wisconsin  TNT 2:10 EST
This will be a low-scoring affair, but Montana is riding a hot streak of wins and will be ready. Wisconsin's offense has been known to stall, so the Badgers are on upset-alert.

(12) Long Beach St vs. (5) New Mexico  TBS 4:10 EST
New Mexico has one of the most athletic offenses in the country and Long Beach State has taken power-house teams down to the wire earlier in the season. This could be a shoot-out.

(12) Harvard vs. (5) Vanderbilt  TNT 4:40 EST
Vanderbilt is a popular Final Four sleeper pick, but Tommy Amaker's Harvard is making their first tournament appearance since the 1940's; they'll be playing inspired.

(12) VCU vs. (5) Wichita State  CBS 7:15 EST
Led by new found star coach, Shocka Smart, VCU hopes to do some damage after a trip to the Final Four last year in one of the best Cinderella stories in the history of the sport. Wichita State, however, has one of the best of up-and-down offenses in the country. This will be fun to watch.

(10) West Virginia vs. (7) Gonzaga  TNT 7:20 EST
Not the same Gonzaga team we are used to seeing in the tournament, but West Virginia is a good team and playing close to home. I expect this to be a close game.

(13) New Mexico State vs. (4) Indiana  CBS 9:45 EST
Indiana doesn't play well from home and is without one of their star players due to injury. New Mexico State may be a little under-seeded as athletic as they are. Both teams will be playing their hearts out.