Meet The Ultimate College Liberal

Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Here's a meme that you should know!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

You might be surprised to learn that many college students are liberals. Once you stop hyperventilating, I’d like to introduce you to the College Liberal Meme, a well-known liberal who will explain the philosophies of her kind. Down with the 1%… of Starbucks’ who don’t serve breakfast sandwiches!



Jesus is, like, who my parents believe in. So lame.



Macs are great for… uh, the environment? Yeah, that’s the ticket.



Next week, back to straight. But what a rollercoaster week it’ll be!



Way to be contradictory, bee-otch!


Open Minded

Another translation: try pot.


Corporations, Pt. 2

Actually, that status was 5 paragraphs long.



Another 10 poetry critique factories shut down this year.


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