Exclusive ‘Breakout Kings’ Season 1 DVD Clip

Get a closer look at the return of Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell from the first season of "Breakout Kings"!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

During the four season run of "Prison Break," one of the most memorable characters was Robert Knepper's Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell; a degenerate murderer, rapist and racist; who was equally ruthlessness and compelling. As one of the Fox River Eight, T-Bag remained one of the main adversaries throughout the entire series.

Knepper reprised his role as T-Bag in the third episode from the first season of "Breakout Kings," a weekly series on A&E about a group of convicts who are given the chance to reduce their prison sentences by hunting down escaped criminals. In the third episode, "The Bag Man;" the newly assembled Kings attempted to capture T-Bag after he pulled off another daring escape that was followed by a new streak of very personal murders.

With the release of "Breakout Kings: The Complete First Season" on DVD this week, Fox has provided CraveOnline with an exclusive look at T-Bag's return, as "Breakout Kings" cast members Laz Alonso and Jimmi Simpson weigh in on T-Bag's reputation, with a few added thoughts from Robert Knepper himself.



"Breakout Kings: The Complete First Season" is out on DVD, while new episodes from the second season of "Breakout Kings" air Sunday nights on A&E.