Everybody’s Draping

Did Mad Men inspire the next planking?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Excited about Mad Men returning this month to AMC? Are you excited enough to have your photo taken in a relaxed position? That’s what folks on the interwebs are doing — “draping” is a new planking-style photo fad where people pose like Don Draper in the title graphic for Mad Men. Let me take out my Carousel and show you a few slides…


TV Draping

Gotta catch up on episodes and your draping before the premiere.


Party Draping

What? No Martini?


Crutch Draping

Stay away from lawnmowers.


Ski Draping

Later on, wife cheating in the ski lodge.


Military Draping

Protecting America, draping with a stogie.


News Draping

Our top story: Mad Men is a show people like.


Triple Draping

A rare form!


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