Best Buy Nabs Exclusive ‘The Devil Inside’ Blu-Ray

If you want to see 2012's surprise horror smash in high-definition, there's only one place to go.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


We all knew that the found footage microbudget horror craze was going strong, but we were still a little blindsided in January when The Devil Inside wound up being a blockbuster success, earning over $83 million worldwide off of its paltry $1 million budget. The reviews weren't so kind, but audiences really went for William Brent Bell's first feature film since 2006's video game thriller Stay Alive. But whether you loved it in theaters or missed it entirely, you'll be able to catch the film's multiple exorcisms on May 15, 2012 on DVD. Definitely on DVD. If you want the Blu-ray, you'll have to get it from Best Buy.

Yes, Best Buy has finagled the exclusive rights to The Devil Inside on Blu-ray, although we haven't received confirmation on how long that's expected to last. (Sources say it could be as much as three months.) Exclusive packaging, toys or special feature discs are common, but bagging an exclusive format for a non-catalogue release is rather unusual. The Blu-ray will offer a 1080p presentation with DTS-HD audio, but neither the high-definition or DVD releases have any special features announced in the press release.