Improv Everywhere’s 10 Geekiest Pranks

From Best Buy pranks to wrestler wedding crashers!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The comedian pranksters in Improv Everywhere might be best known for pants-less subway riding, but we’re guessing they’re also big geeks. They’ve pulled off some of the funniest, nerdiest stunts in the history of filmed pranks. Here are 10 geeky Improv Everywhere pranks:


Spinning Ball at TED

I wish this happened when I got the spinning ball on my computer.


Star Wars Subway Car

This wouldn’t phase me. I’ve been to many comic book conventions.


Best Buy Uniform Prank

Arrest them, officer! They’re wearing blue shirts!


The Moebius (Time Becomes A Loop)

An eternity of “Shiny Happy People?” I’m good, thanks.


King Philip IV

I once got the Burger King’s autograph.


Ghostbusters In The Library

I ain’t afraid of no reading.


Old Timey 1997 Photo Booth

What’s a Hanson?


Mobile Desktop

Laptops are so inconvenient, you guys.


Pro Wrestler Wedding Crasher

Can you smell what The Rock is marrying?


Gotta Share! The Musical

The conference they’re attending? It’s for audience plants.


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