Calvin Without Hobbes = Insanity

Prepare yourself for the most depressing comics ever...

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Remember wonder? Remember what it was like to have an imaginary friend? Remember when you were able to live life as a child and there was no fear of the outside world? Yeah, that was fun. 

Take a look at the great comic strip Calvin & Hobbes without Hobbes as the quick witted imaginary best friend. Through the eyes of an adult, Calvin is a f*cking crazy person. Check out the original tumbler page here.

WARNING: This is either the most depressing or funniest thing you will ever see!


1. It's all your fault.


2. The musings of a madman.


3. Freakout on the horizon.


4. Breakdown.


5. Questionable sexuality Calvin.


6. Jealousy Clavin.


7. Dear god, he's going to kill everyone.


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