Urkel Gear You Can Buy On eBay

8 vintage items, from board games to talking toys, my pet.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

“Did I bid on that?” That’s the question you’ll be asking yourself after picking up one of these classic bits of Urkel memorabilia (Urkelbilia) from 1991. Everyone knows that Family Matters, but owning a lot of ridiculous Urkel shit matters, too! Spend all your “cheese” on the following Urkel toys, games, books and food items:


Talking Urkel Doll

Your only defense against Carlsbad. [via]


“Do The Urkel!” Board Game

Is getting drunk part of the game, like on the TV show? [via]


Urkel Puzzle

The real puzzle is: how’s Urkel gonna win Laura’s heart? [via]


Urkel Lunch Box and Thermos

Now you can see your food in “Urkelvision,” which turns everything into cheese. [via]


Urkel Book: The Lean, Mean Urkel Machine

By Michael Chabon [via]


Urkel-O’s Cereal

…and that’s how, in 1992, Steven Q. Urkel became President of the United States of America. [via]


Urkel View-Master

Oh man, do I have to see the rest of the stupid family? I just want Urkel! (And Urkelbot.) [via]


Urkel Mask

Ghaaaa! [via]


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