7 Dirty Moments From 90s Kids TV

Ruin your childhood right here!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Saturday morning TV shows in the 90s were often funnier and smarter than in previous decades. From that giant The Tick to bite-sized Pinky and The Brain, you get the feeling watching these shows that the writers got to let loose. Sometimes a little too loose? Here are 7 dirty moments from 90s kids TV shows.


Phone Sex on Rocco’s Modern Life

What would a modern life in the 90s be without party lines?


“Accidents” on Powerpuff Girls

Sugar and spicy!


Threesomes on Hey Arnold

Hey Arnold… nice!


Salad Tossing on Power Rangers Turbo

I dunno, Rangers. I suspect this villain might actually enjoy getting his salad tossed.


Fingering on Animaniacs

I Would Dot 4 U


Booty Calls on Bill Nye The Science Guy

He’s got awkwardness down to a science.


Dude With Boobs (?) on Pokemon

Prolonged exposure to certain types of Pokemon can lead to men growing boobs. Uh, psychic types.


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