Tropic Thunder Writer to Direct Boy Scouts vs. Zombies

Etan Cohen will make his directorial debut with a new comedy about always being prepared... for horror.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


In a project that tests Hollywood's determination not to kill children in horror movies, Tropic Thunder co-writer Etan Cohen has been tapped by Paramount to direct Boy Scouts vs. Zombies. As the title suggests, the film tells the story of a mild-mannered etymologist who discovers that the root of the word "death" has the ability to kill instantly when spoken in an early, native tongue. Oh wait, it's about boy scouts. Versus zombies. Well, that's an easy mistake to make.

Cohen will make his directorial debut on the horror-comedy by Carrie Evans and Emi Mochizuki, whose only produced credit to date is College Road Trip, starring Martin Lawrence. Before you get discouraged, Boy Scouts vs. Zombies made the prestigious Black List, which names the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood, back in 2010. So it's probably pretty good, although Hollywood Reporter indicates that it will get a rewrite from Drop Dead Gorgeous screenwriter Lona Williams, under Cohen's supervision.

Etan Cohen may be best known for his work on Tropic Thunder, which he co-wrote with Justin Theroux, but he is also credited with screenplays for Men in Black III and the upcoming comedy Revenge of the Jocks, which we encourage you to confuse with the XXX comedy Revenge of the Petites. Because it's fun!

CraveOnline will be back with more Boy Scouts vs. Zombies news after we get our next Junior Woodchuck merit badge.