Alvarez And Morales – Fight Blog #3

Round 3 for the two fighters in their exclusive Blog posts at CraveOnline!

Alvarez and Morales by Alvarez and Morales

What did you buy with your first big check. A car? Home? Rolex?

Alvarez –

“I always had the desire for a car and the first thing I bought was a car. That was one of my greatest dreams and thanks God I got it!"

Morales –

“The first thing I bought when I capture my first world belt was few computers for the school where I studied in Tijuana, Baja California. For me it was a great satisfaction to do that. It was certainly one of the best things I've done and thanks to the world title”.


What TV shows do you watch that help you relax after a good day of training?

Alvarez –

“I like to watch action movies and the comic are my favorites. Those ones entertain me after going to train really hard. I get to relax at my house and when I have spare time I like to see those movies!"

Morales –

“I love a lot of films that leave you some teaching. The romantic are some of them and of course I like a lot those movies of drama. For example I love the classics of Mexican cinema's great films as Macario with the great Ignacio Lopez Tarzo. I don't like horror films because honestly are not of my desire. Is like a waste of time.”


Do you live alone during training, who are your roommates?

Alvarez –

“I do not live alone. Also are my coaches and colleagues!"

"My roommate is my coach Eddy Reynoso. We have a lot of time together and there is a great respect and camaraderie between us as we talk of many things in life and in general on my fights. Eddy is a student of boxing and really we have a great time!

Morales –

“Yes, but surrounded by my team who is usually very large, especially in championship fights where I need so many people."

“No one. I sleep alone and as I said before my team is always with me”.


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