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Just a normal day here with Single People, White People, and Mother F’ing Dinosaur Space Battles!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Sit back and relax as I bring you the featured funnies, from the webs biggest internet video hosts (and web comics).  Come back to the funny pages for your daily dose of comedy without having to open 10 more tabs in your browser.

Getting things started we’ve brought a new site in to the mix, as UCBcomedy brought us more problems then it did comedy, we’ve replaced them with Dailymotion. Dailymotion is a web host that not only let’s users upload content, they have from time to time helped out indie producers with small budgets for first run syndication. This isn’t one of those.a


DailyMotion  – I'm Still Single (link)

Rooftop Comedy films graces the front of Dailymotions comedy section with this short and sweet clip from  it’s comedy nights.


I’m sure many of you will jump down my neck when I tell you I have no idea who this comedian is, but all I can think is that this is exactly what Al Bundy’s Stand up routine would be like.

Atom Films – White People Problems (link)

On Atom Films, touting a video from 2009 by the Selwyn Brothers. This rap parody proves all you really need is a rhyming dictionary and a flimsy concept and bam-o you’re on the front page. Thee years later… I suppose it’s amusing enough, mostly without the sound on.

So hey, that idea you had, that you let slip past you because the Zeitgeist was no longer relevant? Get on that junk Jimbo! Who cares about relevant!

Youtube – Fun Science: Sound (link)

Most viewed on youtube’s comedy today is this edutainment by charlieissocoollike and his magical audio face hole.

as always I like to advise an alternative from the most viewed youtube videos, as it’s almost never sketch comedy. So instead I highly advise you watch this video which boasts not just Ninjas, not just Education, but Dinosaurs, Sharks, Robots and Aliens.



WebComics  Video Break!


Today on Natalie Dee: too bad its not in a good way


Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: list of my favorite bands



Today on Married To The Sea: additional notes



Funny Or Die – Dog DNA (link)

Allan McLeod stars in this video that proves sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Unless you’ve got a dog with a Corgi Peen. Or not, who knows. There’s probably a moral to this story. Or not. But it does have an all star cast of some amazing talent from Upright Citizens Brigade LA.

So that’s the funny from around the web, today August 29th, and to all those back to schoolers getting an early start on their semester, I’ll give you 25% off on text books… if you create a working time machine for me.