‘Sin City 2’ Hires Oscar-Winning Writer of ‘The Departed’

William Monahan to rework Frank Miller's script for the long-awaited Robert Rodriguez sequel.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Robert Rodriguez's announcement that Sin City 2 could begin filming as early as this year was overshadowed by all the other Comic Con news this year, but Frank Miller has completed a screenplay for the upcoming sequel, which will include an adaptation of what is arguably the best story in the series, A Dame to Kill For. Now it appears that it wasn't complete enough: William Monahan has been hired to punch up the screenplay.

Hollywood Reporter reports that the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of The Departed will "supplement" Frank Miller's most recent draft, which on the surface seems worrisome since it implies that the film won't be the shot-for-shot adaptation of Miller's work like the original Sin City. Actually, Sin City was only mostly shot for shot, trimming scenes from That Yellow Bastard and adding a key shot to The Hard Goodbye that removed all doubt from the audience's mind that Mickey Rourke was innocent the whole time. That said, at Comic Con 2011, Rodriguez announced that some of the stories in Sin City 2 will be entirely new. Given the unpopular nature of much of Frank Miller's recent writing (the less said about The Spirit the better, also All-Star Batman and Robin), it's actually encouraging that another talented writer will have an opportunity to give it a once-over.

Not all of Monahan's work has been critically acclaimed of course: he's also written such mixed-bag movies as Kingdom of Heaven, Body of Lies and Edge of Darkness. Not that they're all bad movies, but "spotty" is the word we'd use to describe them.

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