Fantasy Football Focus – Wide Receiver Rankings

Looking at the top 15 wideouts this year.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Andre Johnson, Houston Texans

1. Andre Johnson, Houston Texans- Johnson is the primary receiving threat on one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL. With the Texans having such a strong running game, teams pay dearly for the double team so Johnson benefits from a lot of one on one situations and when your a cornerback or safety on an island with him, it's no contest.


2. Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons- Already a very productive receiver without a clear number 2 on the roster, White will really thrive if draft pick Julio Jones can flourish in his first season. With a strong running game and a potential solid number 2 beside him, White could put up insane numbers this season.


3. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals- Fitzgerald had a solid season last year despite playing on one of the worst offensive team in the league. With the addition of Kevin Kolb behind center, a significant upgrade, Fitzgerald should show a marketable increase in stats.


4. Greg Jennings, Green Bay Packers- Being the primary receiver to the SuperBowl MVP does have its perks, and those include lots of yards and touchdowns. Jennings plays with a chip on his shoulder as many view him as a system wideout and that usually means solid production. Jennings is a solid pick for a number 1.


5. Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants– Nicks exploded onto the fantasy world last season with a stellar year. He clearly established himself as both a number 1 receiver and a fantasy stud. If he can stay healthy all year, expect big things.


6. Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers- The top receiver in the reigning number 1 offense in the league, you can expect Jackson to have a good year. San Diego returned Malcolm Floyd  across from him and along with Antonio Gates, teams should be wary about pulling the double team on any of them.


7. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions- Johnson is a top tier receiver who is only limited by the players around him, most notably quarterback Matt Stafford who needs to stay upright for a whole season. If that happens, the Lions, and Johnson, are in for a good year.


8. Mike Wallace, Pittsburgh Steelers- Arguably the fast receiver in the league, Wallace excels at the long ball. Entering his third season, he needs to polish up on his routes but the skills are there and so will be the numbers.


9. DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles- One of the most important members of the Philly 'Dream Team', Jackson is sure to be Michael Vick's number 1 target. The Eagles have the look of a high scoring offense and Jackson will be key to that.


10. Miles Austin, Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys are looking to return to elite status and the key to that is the return of Tony Romo. Romo is the Cowboys offense and when he's in there, you can expect the playmakers like Austin to benefit greatly.


11. Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts- Wayne falls quite a bit in this years rankings due to the uncertainty surrounding Peyton Manning's recovery and when he can return to the starting line-up. Without Manning, Wayne is only a good receiver, not a great, so he best be saying some prayers for the health of his QB.


12. Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints- Colston obviously benefits from having one of the top signal callers in the game throwing his way. To be great, however, the Saints need to establish that they can consistently run the ball. If they can do that, their passing game will flourish and Colston will put up great numbers.


13. Mike Williams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Williams showed last season that he can be a top receiver in this game. He showed an instant chemistry with QB Josh Freeman that another offseason together will only increase. Williams is capable of making that next step into the upper tiers of the elite wideouts.


14. Brandon Marshall, Miami Dolphins- There is always question marks surrounding the Dolphins team as a whole and one of the big ones is quarterback play. Despite that, Marshall is still a solid receiver who should give you at least 1000 yards.


15. Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs- Bowe, simply, has to become more consistent if he's going to be any better than a number 2 receiver on a fantasy team. With KC's outstanding running game, the pass should be as open as it can get, so Bowe needs to step it up and bring it each week.


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