Universal Tosses Out Its ‘Ouija Board’

Okay, we give up. How the hell much was that movie going to cost? It's about a piece of wood, for crying out loud!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Universal has once again scuttled a major production over budget costs. The folks who shot down both The Dark Tower and At the Mountains of Madness have now given the boot to their proposed Ouija Board movie, which was set to be directed by McG. The budget of the film was not announced, but Hollywood Reporter describes it as "tentpole level."

Bear in mind this is a story about a piece of wood with a tenuous telephone connection to ghosts. How, exactly, is that a $150 million movie?

Universal isn't exactly above throwing money at unusual projects: their adaptation of the board game Battleship – you know, the one with aliens in it for no particular reason – is reportedly costing them as much as $200 million. They're also sticking with such other Hasbro-related products as Stretch Armstrong and Candyland, which will probably cast as much as Titanic or something.

Michael Bay's company Platinum Dunes is free to shop the project around town, and has reportedly already brought the property to Paramount, which has yet to make a decision. (This only just happened, alright? Give them time.)

At any rate, all this talk of a Ouija Board movie is pointless, since the movie was already made in 1986, and was perfection itself. Perhaps you remember Witchboard?


CraveOnline will be back with more Ouija Board news… if this Ouija Board tells us it's okay…