It’s Inception Pizza Time!

Pizzas-within-pizzas. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

What if you could eat a pizza… from inside a pizza? BRAAAAAAMH! This is Inception pizza time, but no fancy briefcases or Leonardo DiCaprios are necessary. Just an appetite for pizza like you’ve never had before.

You might want to bring a spinning top though, just in case.


Inception Pizza: Level 1

Yo dawg, I herd you like pizza so we put pizza in yo pizza so you can eat pizza while u eat pizza. [via]


Inception Pizza: Level 2

Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at pizza time! [via]


Inception Pizza: Level 3

Above: the only socially acceptable reason for eating pizza rolls. [via]


Inception Pizza: Level 4

“No matter how much I barf… I can still taste it…” [via]


Inception Pizza: Level 5 – The Dessert Layer

Never create cakes from memory. Always imagine new recipes! Preferably, pizza-related ones. [via]


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