NBA 2K12 Full Legends Roster Revealed

MJ, Bird and Magic are joined by Scottie Pippen, Bill Russell, Isiah Thomas and more...

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


2K Sports has sent out a press release this morning announcing the rest of the NBA legends joining Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Julius “Dr. J” Erving in NBA 2K12’s “NBA Greatest” mode.

Drum roll, please…

You can also expect to see Wilt Chamberlain; Patrick Ewing; Karl Malone; Hakeem Olajuwon; Socttie Pippen; Oscar Roberton; Bill Russell; John Stockton; Isiah Thomas; and Jerry West.

We’ll be honest, it’s a pretty safe list of superstars, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited to see each players’ signature moves accurately and meticulously recreated for NBA 2K12 (John Stockton’s shorts better be short). The work 2K did on Jordan’s model in last year’s 2K11 was astonishing, so we’re expecting the same level of detail for each of the 14 other NBA legends being added in this year’s game.

In addition to announcing the remaining legends, 2K Sports has also revealed a pre-order incentive for NBA 2K12. If you throw down your money for 2K12 before the game ships on October 4th, you’ll unlock two extra classic NBA teams — the 1990-91 Golden State Warriors and the 2001-02 Sacramento Kings.

What do you think of the remaining NBA legends coming to NBA 2K12? Does the list satisfy, or was your favorite NBA superstar left out in the cold? Personally, I was hoping for Spud Webb.