V 2.06 ‘Siege’

Erica gains an army and loses her ex-husband and son to a Visitor plot.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

V 2.06 'Siege'

Episode Title: "Siege"

Writer: Dean Widenmann

Director: John Behring

Previously on "V":                                                                            

Anna (Morena Baccarin) unveiled Concordia, her latest gift to Earth which was secretly a way to land alien ships and allow the Visitors to abduct and mate with human women. Finally wanting to get out from Anna’s control and save his infant daughter, Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut) put forth a plan to assassinate Anna with the help of radical Fifth Column leader, Eli Cohn (Oded Fehr) and Kyle Hobbes (Charles Mesure) over the objections of FBI Agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Father Jack (Joel Gretsch). However, Erica changed her mind pretty fast when it became clear that Anna was drawing Erica’s son Tyler (Logan Huffman) even tighter into her influence.

To save Tyler, Erica recruited her ex-husband, Joe "Krycek" Evans (Nicholas Lea) to make it seem like they were reuniting the family. On the night of the attempt, Ryan suddenly wussed out and warned Anna. Her surprisingly loyal henchman Marcus (Christopher Shyer) went onstage in her place and took a near fatal gunshot wound for his reward. Erica’s colleagues in the FBI immediately suspected her of playing a part in the attempt and her current partner, Chris Bolling (Jay Karnes) aka the Dutchman led the preliminary investigation into her activities. Elsewhere, Hobbes and Eli realized that Ryan betrayed them and made plans for revenge.


In the aftermath of the assassination attempt, Anna seeks revenge against the Fifth Column and orders Ryan to infiltrate the organization again and kill Eli. Ryan complies and even kills one of the Columnists while breaking in. But when he’s about to reach Eli, he learns that they were ready for him. Eli leads his men as they beat Ryan for his betrayal. Meanwhile, Erica meets with Father Jack and Hobbes before telling them she’s been suspended from duty, but she wanted to spend time with Krycek and Tyler anyway. Shortly thereafter, Father Jack learns that the Catholic church is defrocking him for speaking out against the Visitors. They take his collar but they let him keep his pants.

Eli calls Erica as a courtesy and lets her know that they have Ryan and he’ll be dead soon by his hand or hers. She heads over there, just as a Visitor tracker finds the body of the man that Ryan killed (did nobody check on their buddy?!) and he alerts Anna to their location. Anna in turn, tips off the FBI to Eli’s presence and they call in all available agents… except Erica. The building is quickly surrounded with no visible way of escape. Erica then has Eli slap her a few times so she can pass herself off as a hostage.

When Erica is shown to be a prisoner on TV by Chad Decker (Scott Wolf), Krycek races to the scene and one of Anna’s agents tricks him into going into the building so that both of Tyler’s parents can be eliminated. Formerly Father Jack also hurries down there only for Dutch to threaten him if anything happens to Erica. Eli buys time by having some conveniently placed suicide bombers take hostages and enter the building. Meanwhile, Erica confronts Ryan for his betrayal and rejects his apologies. On the mothership, Anna has her new lackey, Thomas finally contact Hobbes and blackmail him into activating the explosive vests remotely.

Inside the building, Eli accepts that he won’t make it out alive, so he places Erica in charge of her army and allows her to sneak out his most trusted man with the hostages and Krycek. Hobbes activates the bombs shortly after, killing Eli and setting off a firefight between the remaining Fifth Column gunmen and the FBI. While trying to get to safety, Krycek stupidly stands up in the middle of live gunfire and is mowed down. The FBI sees Erica mourning her ex and suddenly assumes that she’s clean. But at home, Tyler proves that he’s an inhuman lizard when he leaves his grieving mother to go live with the Visitors. Let. Them. Have. Him!

Finally meeting with her small resistance cell, Erica claims that the gloves are off now that she’s the worldwide Fifth Column leader. She even tells Hobbes that he was right about Ryan and that she won’t hold him back anymore. But Hobbes seems to feel some guilt about what he did earlier. And on the mothership, Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) finally meets her presumed dead grandmother, Diana (Jane Badler); who offers her an alliance against their mutual enemy, Anna.


First off, it was a huge mistake to kill off Eli so soon, as he was the first male character on the show who didn’t seem like he was neutered prior to casting. I’m sure his death was designed to put Erica in charge of the resistance. So, let’s examine that for a moment. Erica is not an effective leader and her resistance cell has had very little success against the Visitors. Prior to working with Eli, the only mission they ever really succeeded at was killing Anna’s eggs; but that was with Lisa’s fourth quarter conversion and it cost them all of their Visitor allies on the mothership. That’s not a winning record, so of course she’d fall ass backwards into a position of power!

Ryan’s demise wasn’t shown onscreen, so presumably he survived the bombing and will live to bore us another day. That character lost all credibility with me last week when he scuttled his own plan that had an actual chance to take out Anna. At that point, his storyline and motivations no longer had any believability. And now it seems like the writers are taking Hobbes in a similar direction. I actually thought that the writers had forgotten the Hobbes subplot that was introduced at the end of last season, so it’s inclusion here doesn’t make a lot of sense either. If the Visitors had a device that could set off the bombs remotely, why didn’t they do it themselves?

Krycek’s death was unintentionally comical as he seemed to keep trying to get on his feet while the bullets were flying. Isn’t it fairly common knowledge to not stand up while there’s a firefight? But hey, if Krycek simply faked his death to get away from Erica and her lizard son, I could understand that. As for Tyler… wow. He’s just a complete ass. Even with the ridiculousness of the situation, the only natural response would be to stay with his mother, who is the only family he has left. She never even called him out on his priest beating ways from a couple of weeks ago. It seems like the show’s writers are straining to keep Erica and Tyler further apart but they haven’t even tried the obvious solution of having Lisa and Erica explain to him together why the Visitors are bad news.

Listen, if the characters can’t even try to use common sense, how are we expected to believe in them? Lisa is the closest thing to a well-rounded character on this show and she’s been minimized for the last couple of episodes. Her new relationship with Diana may be interesting if they actually succeed in overthrowing Anna, but I expect it’s a swerve and Diana will prove to be even worse than Anna. But it’s got to be more fun than this ongoing Tyler melodrama.

I like the idea of events taking on a more global scale in the show, but we’ll see how the execution plays out. And once again, Chad Decker was the only f***ing anchor at a major news scene! Is that guy the only TV personality on the planet?! No television reporter is on 24/7 duty the way this guy is used and it’s astounding that the show uses him as the sole example of the media’s voice. Even Chad’s new on-air anti-Visitor sidekick isn’t believable in that role. But I’m willing to bet that she’ll either end up in bed with him or turn out to be a Visitor sleeper agent working for Anna. Probably both.

The most frustrating thing about "V" is that parts of it are entertaining. But I do have to question whether the writers on this series know what they’re doing. I’ve seen many well constructed sci-fi shows with compelling stories over the years. "V" isn’t one of them. And it may never be.

Crave Online Rating: 6.5 out of 10.