Amazing Spider-Man Is Infested

Marvel leads the way to... Spider Island?

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Amazing Spider-Man Is Infested

In one of the stranger teasers to come along in a while, Marvel has announced Infested, a series of six self-contained stories beginning in April in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. Beginning with Amazing Spider-Man #659, writer Dan Slott will join with a different artist each issue, including Barry Kitson, Lee Garbett, Stefano Caselli and Emma Rios.

 “Infested is giving readers the first adumbrations of a threat that’s been slowly creeping toward Spidey’s life for decades,” explained Stephen Wacker, one of Marvel’s Senior Editors. “Dan along with some guest artists set the readers on a dangerous course that leads right to Amazing Spider-Man #666…and beyond.”

Apparently, the big Spider-Man event coming up is called Spider Island. And it’s not clear what that name entails, although the teaser image may hold a few clues.

Spider-Man Infested

Note that Spider-Man is down, along with most of the Avengers, a few X-Men, the former Fantastic Four and a redheaded heroine I can’t identify who has her head scandalously close to Ms. Marvel’s crotch.

There also appear to be a lot of people in Spider-Man inspired clothing displaying some of his powers, which could tie into a recently teased image of Mary Jane sticking to the side of building as if she had powers herself.

Amazing Spider-Man #659 swings into comic book shops on April 27.

For more details on Spider Island and Infestation, keep checking Crave Online’s comic section for the latest updates!

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