Dead Space 2: Severed DLC Releases March 1

The necromorph infestation continues with a new two chapter side-story.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Dead Space 2: Severed DLC Releases March 1

The nightmare continues. EA Games and Visceral have announced the release date for Dead Space 2’s first single player expansion: Dead Space 2: Severed. Severed will release on March 1, 2011 for the Xbox 360 worldwide and North American PlayStation Network, then March 2 in Europe for PlayStation users.

In Dead Space 2: Severed, players embark on a two chapter side-story to Isaac Clarke’s nightmarish adventure set on the Sprawl. In Severed you play as Gabe Weller, a security officer on the Sprawl and who many will remember from Dead Space: Extraction. Weller comes equipped with a “one-of-a-kind” security suit and a more powerful Pulse Rifle for tearing necromorphs to shreds. Dead Space 2: Severed also sees the return of the “Twitcher” necromorph type, which hasn’t appeared in a Dead Space title since the original game.

Dead Space 2: Severed will run you 560 MS Points on the Xbox Live Marketplace and $6.99 on the PlayStation Network.

Here’s the official first trailer:

Read on for the official press release….

The Dead Space 2 Story Continues on March 1st with Dead Space 2: Severed!

Have you finished the new gold standard in action horror games known as Dead Space™ 2? Are you already screaming for more? If so, you’re not alone. Visceral Games has the answer with an all-new digital download pack — Dead Space 2: Severed. Releasing on March 1, Dead Space 2: Severed extends the Dead Space 2 story with the addition of two stand-alone single-player chapters. This digital pack will take players through the haunting story of Gabe Weller, who fans will remember from the award-winning game Dead Space Extraction. As a security officer, Weller comes equipped with a one-of-a-kind security suit and an upgraded, more powerful Pulse Rifle that will help him unleash his own blood-curdling adventure across the Sprawl. Lurking behind every corner is another bloodthirsty monster but the big surprise for Weller (and fans) is the return of the Twitcher, a grotesque enemy who first appeared in the original Dead Space game.

Dead Space 2: Severed will be available March 1 worldwide on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace and the PlayStation®Network in North America for $6.99 or 560 MS Points. Dead Space 2: Severed will be available March 2 on the PlayStation®Network in Europe.

Heralded by critics worldwide as the first big blockbuster of 2011, Dead Space 2 pushes the limits of action, horror and terror. After mysteriously awaking in a sprawling, massive city orbiting around one of Saturn’s moons, hero Isaac Clarke again finds himself thrust into the middle of a relentless Necromorph outbreak. Surrounded by the screeching cries of undead monsters and the haunting drum of echoing noises, Isaac plots a course through The Sprawl. Dead Space 2 is noted by critics worldwide for delivering an epic terror experience that takes players on an explosive thrill ride filled with intense action and spine-tingling scares through deep space.

Developed by Visceral Studios, Dead Space 2 is now available in North America and Europe on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system, the PC, iPhone®, iPod® touch and iPad™. The Dead Space 2 Limited Edition for PlayStation 3 includes Dead Space Extraction, the prequel to the entire Dead Space saga, now featuring support for the PlayStation®Move motion controller. Dead Space Extraction is also available for download as a standalone game on the PlayStation Network.

In addition to this, players can now purchase these Isaac suit and weapon packs on Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network.
·         Dead Space 2: Martial Law Pack, 400 MS Points, $4.99 / 4,99 Euro
                 o    Earth Gov Bundle (Earth Gov Security Suit, Earth Gov Pulse Rifle, Earth Gov Seeker Rifle, Earth Gov Detonator)
                 o    Bloody Bundle (Bloody Vintage Suit, Bloody Flamethrower, Bloody Javelin Gun, Bloody Force Gun)
·         Dead Space 2: Supernova Pack, 400 MS Points, $4.99 / 4,99 Euro
                 o    Forged Bundle (Forged Engineering Suit, Forged Plasma Cutter, Forged Line Gun, Forged Ripper)
                 o    Heavy Duty Bundle(Heavy Duty Vintage Suit, Heavy Duty Line Gun, Heavy Duty Contact Beam, Heavy Duty Detonator)
                 o    Agility Bundle (Agility Advanced Suit, Agility Rivet Gun, Agility Plasma Cutter, Agility Pulse Rifle)
·         Dead Space 2: Occupational Hazard Pack, 400 MS Points, $4.99 / 4,99 Euro
                 o    Hazard Bundle (Hazard Suit, Hazard Line Gun)
                 o    Triage Bundle (Triage Suit, Triage Javelin Gun)
                 o    Shockpoint Bundle (Shockpoint Suit, Shockpoint Ripper)

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