Beyond Good & Evil 2 Still Coming?

"Keep the faith..."

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Still Coming?

Much to the chagrin of mega Beyond Good & Evil fans, like myself, Beyond Good & Evil 2 has barely been a whisper ever since the teaser release that went down about two years ago. It’s been nothing but false rumors and quick denial by Ubisoft in what, in this writer’s opinion, should have been a damn moment of joy.

Yes, BGE is that good.

Beyond Good & Evil HD, the upcoming downloadable remake of the original, Producer Xu Wang spoke with Eurogamer about the HD version and whether or not its serving as a precursor to the sequel. Here’s, in a nutshell, what he said on the matter…

“Keep the faith…Yes it is true; please buy Beyond Good & Evil HD if you want more BG&E games…

…For real… I don’t know.”

And that’s it! We’re on that tiny scrap of news like maggots on a moldy piece of meat (enjoy the imagery). Fans are salivating at the thought of seeing more from Jade and her rascally band of do-gooders.

Xu is hinting that players should buy the downloadble original in order to show support for a sequel, but, hell, he immediately says that he doesn’t know. He’s just giving the world a common sense, cause and effect strategy…

Buy a ton of Beyond Good & Evil HD, and Ubisoft may see that as a reason to push development of Beyond Good & Evil 2. Make sense? It should.

If we don’t show this downloadable game support, and these are my words and not those of Ubisoft, Beyond Good & Evil 2 may not see the light of day.

I’ll probably cry.