[UPDATED] Modern Warfare 3 Countdown Revealed?

A teaser site pops up on the internet causing something else to pop up in our pants.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

[UPDATED] Modern Warfare 3 Countdown Revealed?

[Update] Turns out this elaborate countdown and stellar viral marketing stunt is for nothing more than a fan project created by We Can Pretend, an independent Canada-based indie firm that is developing a project inspired by Call of Duty. This project has nothing to do with the Activision developed Call of Duty games. Lame-sauce.

[Original Story] This one’s going to be quick: a teaser website has popped up on the internet that insinuates a Modern Warefare-type announcement being but a few days away. That VideoGame Blog received a set of dog tags in the mail that proclaimed “End the War” and directed them towards the URL “findmakarov.com.”

When you follow the rabbit hole deeper you come to a website with a very familiar night-vision squealing sound and neon green font counting down to something that will be revealed within five days. That puts us smack-dab in the middle of the Game Developer’s Conference next week. Therefore, it’s probably wise to assume we’ll be seeing an official announcement for Modern Warfare 3 then.


For those that need a refresher, Makarov was the main antagonist of Modern Warfare 2, responsible for the Russian airport shoot-up, and is still M.I.A. It seems Modern Warfare 3, or whatever it will be called, will focus on tracking him down once and for all.

For those curious, here’s a picture of the dog tags, courtesy of TVGB.


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