Viggo Mortensen to Play General Zod in ‘Superman?’

Academy Award-winning actor to make Henry Cavill kneel before him and so forth.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Viggo Mortensen to Play General Zod in 'Superman?'

Is anyone else extremely disappointed that Superman: The Man of Steel is just recycling villains from the original Superman movies? It’s been 40 damned years, people! In the comics Superman had a great rogues gallery beyond Lex Luthor and other Kryptonians: Braniac, Bizarro, Mongul, Darkseid, Metallo, Parasite, Silver Banshee, Manchester Black… Viggo Mortensen is a great actor. Can’t he play one of them instead? He’d make a great Silver Banshee!

But no, Hollywood Reporter is indicating that Aragorn himself is in talks to play General Zod, a role previously played by the iconic Terrence Stamp. He’ll nail it. But then again he’d also nail Lex Luthor and please don’t read too much into that statement. This fits with our previous story that actresses Alice Eve and Rosamund Pike have been meeting with director Zack Snyder in regards to Zod’s hot girlfriend Ursa. Mortensen may have a tough decision on his hands. He’s already in negotiations to star in Universal’s upcoming Snow White feature, which would likely cause scheduling conflicts with The Man of Steel.

We love Viggo Mortensen and hope he kicks Superman’s ass. Crave Online will return with more Superman news as it changes in a public telephone booth. Hey! Some of us actually have to use the phone!