Babe of the Week: Kristy and Lindsey Landers Interview

These two beautiful twins are sure to capture your attention.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Babe of the Week: Kristy and Lindsey Landers Interview

Usually our Babe of the Week features consist of a short bio and a photo or two, but when there are two girls to talk about you have to go the extra mile.  And that is exactly what we did.  Kristy and Lindsey Landers are two of the hottest new girls on the music scene and I have a feeling it is easy to see why.

Their band, Official Hot Mess, has rocketed onto the popular music scene as Clear Channel Radio and I Heart Radio’s "New! Artist to Watch."  On top of that, the video to their new single, "Money Makes the Girl$ Go Round", is #1 on MTV’s Top 100 Videos.

But, there is a lot more to these girls than meets the eye.  We scored a chance to talk with the sexy sisters, and music is not the only topic they wanted to discuss.

CraveOnline:  We watched your music video and it was great.  Are their any artists or influences that shaped the direction you went with your music?

Kristy & Lindsey:  Well, most of our songs have a very strong underlying rock feel.  And I think that comes from being influenced by artists from the 80’s like Blondie, Heart, The Bangles and Pat Benetar.  But I think instead of trying to physically emulate another artist, we’re trying to create our own path.  We also really like to try to incorporate different elements from all the different genres, whether it be from hip-hop, alternative, rock or pop and just mesh it all into being our own style.

CO: You girls have been on tour with a lot of really cool artists, is there a favorite artist you’ve worked with?

K&L:  I think one of the best experiences has to be getting to open for The Bangles.  I mean we grew up listening to their music and to be able to share the stage with such an iconic band was amazing.  Also, we recently got to play a show in Miami with Flo-Rida, and that was really awesome because, I mean, he’s Flo-Rida and it doesn’t get much cooler than that.  Kevin Rudolf is one of our favorites and we got to play a few shows with him too.  He’s great and he’s such a good performer.

CO:  How about a best embarrasing moment on stage?

Kristy:  Well I, Kristy, I perform in spike heels usually.

Lindsey:  I perform barefoot.  Which has nothing to do with this, but just FYI.

Kristy:  So during one of our shows, Lindsey was wearing these really long pants, that were definitely too long on her and she shouldn’t have been wearing them.

Lindsey: Yeah because this was totally my fault.

Kristy:  It was, it was your pants fault.  So during one of our songs, my spike heels got caught on her extra long pants and when she took a step to walk in the other direction, I pants her.

Lindsey:  It was pretty epic.  I was wearing cute underwear though.

CO:  I guess that was the saving grace though.

Lindsey:  Exactly ha ha.

CO: So your dad was a Major League Baseball pitcher (Tom Niedenfuer), did he take you to a lot of sporting events growing up?

K&L:  I think we’ve been grown up with baseball in our blood.  We’re die hard baseball fans.  Our dad I think always really wanted a son, so I think he always kind of tried to act like we were his long lost sons.  So we both played softball and volleyball, but yeah we’ve always both been pretty involved in sports with our dad.  We had no choice. (laughing)

CO:  You both sound like pretty big baseball fans, do you have the same favorite team or different ones?

K&L:  We’re both Tampa Bay Rays fans.  Forced to be rooting for the underdogs.  And we’re kind of forced to be Dodgers fans.

CO:  What do you girls like to do in your free time when you’re not working on your music careers?

K&L:  Well we’re pretty much workaholics, but on the rare occasion that we have time we like going to the beach and playing with our dogs, watching Family Guy.  Playing video games.

CO:  Video games?!  What’s your favorite?

K&L:  We love, on the Wii, the new Super Mario Bros. and the new Donkey Kong Returns.  And we have the Harry Potter game, where you actually have to move the remote to cast spells.  You look pretty stupid doing it but it’s worth it.

That’s about it for the interview, but the girls did let us in on a little secret.  They are in development on a new reality series that will take fans behind the scenes on their life with Official Hot Mess.  It will give viewers a chance to catch their lives at home and on the road touring around with "four crazy guys", which are the rest of the musicians that make up their band.

Be sure to catch the girls with their band on tour and check out their new video for "Money Makes the Girl$ Go Round" online.  Oh, and here’s the pictures for which you all have been waiting so patiently.  Enjoy!


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