Design Many Robots Trailer is Your Nerd Shot at Glory

The developers of Shoot Many Robots are giving you a chance...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Design Many Robots Trailer is Your Nerd Shot at Glory

We just received a press release from the folks at Demiurge Studios, the team behind the upcoming Contra meets Bulletstorm meets Metal Slug sidescroller Shoot Many Robots. Within that release was an opportunity for fans to design their own robots, send footage of them to the studio and be judged. Judgement, shall it be favorable, will grant said fans the chance to see their robot in the first expansion pack available for Shoot Many Robots. Oh, and a trip to Boston.

If only I had the nerd skills necessary to creat a badass robot, I’d be all over this thing. I’m picturing a metal menace that consists of tank treds, a tube and a strong blender motor. It approaches the hero and attempts to turn his leg into processed goo. Violent!

Trailer below, a portion of the release below-er.

Demiurge Studios, one of the largest and longest-running independent development studios in the Boston area, has launched an all-new contest for aspiring game designers and fans of the upcoming downloadable title, Shoot Many Robots.  The online contest, dubbed ‘Design Many Robots,’ asks creators to design their own vision of mechanical terror to be shot full of lead in the upcoming project, vying for a chance to have their robot appear in the first expansion pack for Shoot Many Robots when it launches in 2011. Winners of the contest will also be given the chance to be flown to the Boston area to visit Demiurge Studios in person and watch their own robot creation come to life within the game.

“In the spirit of the Game Developer’s Conference this week, we wanted to kick-off this contest to give the next generation of designers a chance to appear in our first independently developed title,” said Albert Reed, co-founder and studio director at Demiurge Studios.  “We hope to see it all.  We’ve created a world chock full of chainsaw-wielding arachnid-bots, diesel-mechanical gorillas, and fire-breathing bull-dozers that exist in an industrial land full of oil, rust and spare parts. The door is open to add even more members to this motley crew, and we want to grow the robot army by letting our fans design and vote on who we should be blowing up next."
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