Catch Up To ‘The Event’

NBC's sci-fi series returns tonight and we have some handy videos to bring you back up to speed.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Catch Up To 'The Event'

After weeks of watching an extremely disappointing superhero who shall not be named, "The Event" makes its return to NBC tonight at 8PM with two back-to-back episodes.

Since we haven’t seen a new episode of "The Event" since December, our memories of the show are naturally not as sharp as they could be. Fortunately, NBC has provided us with a quick video recap that nicely sums up everything that happened up to this point in the series.

In the most recent episode of "The Event," Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.) and his lover Isabel (Necar Zadegan) defied their leader Sophia (Laura Innes) and fired a satellite off into space that seemed to send out a signal to their alien brethren in deep space. Meanwhile, ordinary hacker dude Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) discovered that his girlfriend, Leila Buchanan (Sarah Roemer) may be half alien on her father’s side.

In our second video from NBC, the stars of the series offer some hints about some of the new storylines and characters. 

Back in the fall, we wrote up a list of Ten Ways To Improve "The Event;" which means you can read the list today and make a drinking game out of it. Any time the show follows our suggestions, take a drink. Any time that Sean solves his problems by running away or Leila whines about her sister, take two.

Although with those last two, you may want to stop drinking after the first half hour. We don’t want any alcohol poisonings out there, people!