Top 5 Tuesday: 5 Reasons to Watch The UFL this Fall

The little league that could is entering their third season.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Top 5 Tuesday: 5 Reasons to Watch The UFL this Fall

We, as football fans, are perilously close to witnessing the mother of all nightmares; life without the NFL. With the current CBA gone and no new one in sight, it is entirely possible that the league could not be playing when August comes around. To that end, I propose we turn to the UFL for our football entertainment in case of lockout. The UFL is entering it’s third season and is poised to kickoff on August 7th. It boasts five teams filled with NFL level talent and isn’t in danger of a lockout anytime soon.

Here are five reasons why we should give this little league a chance this fall.

Touchdown Celebrations

In recent years the NFL has changed to the No Fun League as officials have been instructed to crack down on players showing scripted enthusiasm for making a touchdown, much to the detriment of fans who don’t really mind a little celebration. I believe that players should be able to take a second and enjoy a score, as an individual and as a team, and so does the UFL, as they allow these celebrations in the endzone and on the sidelines.

Equal Opportunity Overtime

Don’t you hate it when you spend over three hours watching your team battle with another to a tie after four quarters of play and then they don’t get an opportunity to even get the ball back in overtime? I do! It sucks and it’s stupid and it’s something you won’t find in the UFL. The UFL believes that each team deserves a chance to touch the ball at least once and that’s what happens. If one team scores on their opening drive, then the other has a chance to match it or surpass it, as it should be.

No Tuck Rule

One of the most annoying NFL rules is that if a quarterback brings his arm forward in a passing motion and then fumbles the ball away as he is pulling the ball back to his body, it’s considered a forward pass. That’s a fumble, plain and simple, and in the UFL, that’s what it is. Quarterbacks can’t hide behind that silly rule in this league so if they are going to try to pump fake, they better hold onto the ball.

Familiar Faces

The UFL may not have the edge on the young talent but that doesn’t mean they aren’t talented as they sport some familiar names that we’ve seen on Sundays before. Guys like Jeff Garcia, Ahman Greene, Daunte Culpepper, and Maurice Clarett all are current UFL players. The UFL boasts quality players that have slipped through the cracks in the NFL and while all of the guys might not be household names, they have earned their stripes playing the game they love.

It’s Guaranteed Football

With the uncertainty surrounding the current NFL, with the labor talks stalling and a lockout looming, it’s uncertain whether we will see the NFL playing games this fall or not. This uncertainty doesn’t exist with the UFL this season as they are poised to start their regular season in August and want you tuning in. The teams may be unfamiliar but the football is the same and played with skill that rivals it’s big brother so if you find yourself faced with a lockout this fall and needing that pigskin fix, check out the UFL.